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Bird, and Fish, deaths still unexplained

There’s can’t be many people who haven’t heard about the sudden, and still currently unexplained, die-off of birds and fish around the world. For me this began with a TV report on our BBC news, which was then also posted to their news site, about 5,000 blackbirds and starlings that fell dead from the sky just before midnight on New Year’s Eve in Arkansas.

So far “the experts” have come out with explanations that include New Year fireworks, lightning strikes, or high-altitude hail. What is certain is that all the birds suffered from severe physical trauma which had led to internal bleeding and, thus, death; however, there was no sign of any chronic or infectious disease. Another theory is that a violent thunderstorm could have made the birds disorientated.

One top biologist from Cornell University said the birds were "....probably asleep in a single tree when a washing machine-type thunderstorm sucked them up into the air, disoriented them, and even fatally soaked and chilled them."

If fireworks killed them, why doesn’t it happen every New Year and why, especially, doesn’t it happen here in the UK every Bonfire Night! Nor does it happen here in heavy thunderstorms.

Meanwhile, in Louisiana, 500 birds were found dead in Labarre. And, the explanation given in this case is that they probably flew into power lines. Several of these birds had head, neck, beak, or back, injuries as opposed to simply having fallen out of the sky.

Once again, “the experts” tell us they’ve found nothing to link the bird deaths from separate States together. And, it was pointed out that on the US Geological Service website there is a list of around 90 mass deaths of birds and other wildlife from June to December 2010 in which there were 5 occurrences of over 1,000 birds having died.

There was yet another instance of birds being found dead in the USA. This time the report came from Kentucky. It doesn’t state how many and only mentions dozens, but you can read an article about it here:

Over on the other side of the world, in Sweden, a new occurrence made the news today, 05/01/2011. Just prior to midnight yesterday between 50 and 100 birds were found in central Sweden. In this case the cause has been put down to fireworks having frightened the birds who, in the dark, landed in the road and were run over by a car. You can read the full story here.

But, it isn’t only birds who are being found dead for no apparent reason.

Back in Arkansas the death of approximately 100,000 drum fish in the Arkansas River is being investigated. At the moment it’s thought they died from disease.

And, in Chesapeake Bay, Maryland, tens of thousands of dead fish washed onto the shores of the bay. Here, they believe the fish died from the stress of cold water, but they haven’t been able to explain why the fish didn’t migrate as they would normally have done.

Over in Brazil, in Paran√°, Paranagu√°, at least 100 tons of fish have washed up dead since 30/12/2010. Since then, dead fish have been washing up in other coastal towns. A report into their deaths is due to be released, but the regional coordinator of Civil Defence has 3 ideas; they died due an environmental imbalance, dropping a fishing boat, or a chemical leak.

And, in New Zealand, hundreds of dead snapper fish have washed onto the Coromandel beaches of the North Island. You can find that report here.

Maybe we’re only hearing about these deaths because the first story was reported around the world. But it is striking a lot of people as being very odd, and on some websites they are putting it down to HAARP!

However, I have at least another suggestion for the cause behind the death of all the birds. It’s to do with the Earth’s magnetic lines, by which it’s known that they navigate. I found the following in the archives of the Space Weather site:

The first is from Wednesday, Dec. 29, 2010, and states that the geomagnetic storm of the previous day was subsiding. But it had begun when “the interplanetary magnetic field tipped south, opening a crack in Earth's magnetosphere and allowing solar wind to enter. Cameras onboard US Dept. of Defense meteorological satellites recorded bright bands of aurora borealis circling the polar regions north of Scandinavia”

The second is from Thursday, Dec. 30, 2010, and says that “NASA's STEREO-B spacecraft is monitoring a vast hole in the sun's atmosphere--a "coronal hole. ….. A stream of solar wind flowing from this coronal hole should reach Earth on Jan. 2nd or 3rd.”

Finally, from Friday, Dec. 31, 2010, it tells us that “US Department of Defense polar-orbiting satellites are observing bright bands of auroral light circling the North Pole. This display, recorded on Dec. 30th, was as bright as the city lights of Scandinavia.” Data from the images “shows the sinuous path of the energetic particles entering Earth's upper atmosphere. These sinuous bands could descend south over Europe and parts of North America around Jan. 3rd when a solar wind stream is expected to hit Earth's magnetosphere”

Could the bird deaths, possibly, be to do with solar flares. Have these recent solar winds been strong enough to kill?

I don’t know the answer, but at least it’s not as silly a suggestion as some of those that I’ve read!

Update: 06/01/2011 More dead birds have surfaced, this time in East Texas.

I'm just not able to keep up with all the reports of dead birds and dead fish. So, if you want to know what's happening I suggest you keep an eye on the news sites.


mantrid said...

this possibility also crossed my mind. take a look at US NWS alert timelines:

there is one alert for radio waves interefence few hours before Akransas and Sweden reports.

Kithra said...

I'm glad I'm not the only person who had that idea.

The link you sent didn't work for me as all I could get was the 404 error message. But hunting around I think this is the page you were talking about:

Space Weather Alerts for December 2010.

Thanks for the info, very interesting.

Steven said...

Here is a map I have compiled with the mass deaths from the last week.

Kithra said...

Thanks Steven. That's a great map, although I have to admit I was dubious about using the tiny URL as I normally don't trust them - I like to know where I'm going before I click a link :)

I wouldn't be surprised if the map needed updating as more stories come in; which I feel they're probably bound to do.

Great work.

rocherpoacher said...

great minds think alike, in a hopeful world i hope we are wrong but magnetic polar, solar wind, and other factors are all a play . there are more recent reports about other bird deaths re pigeons so expect more in the next three months,, temperature dropping or current change is very worrying

canamholdings said...

notice the deaths are on the equator where the magnetic field is weaker

Anonymous said...

Hi, just discovered your website. I did a google search and there have were also massive unexplained bird die offs in 2009 and 2007. wth is going on?!! After the Arkansas bird die off, the scientists said that they had NO explanation. All they knew was that blunt force trauma was involved and it was not from the birds hitting the ground. Today, Jan 7th, some news outlets have done a complete reveral and are saying that scientists are sure the birds died from natural causes such as cold weather or fireworks. Bull puckey!

Miq said...

Hi from Johannesburg South Africa I find this very interresting as I recently had two birds fly into my bedroom window (on different occasions) like they were disorientated and then die...friends have reported the same...what's going on?

Kithra said...

Hi Miq,

This has, as you probably know, now become a worldwide phenomena. And so much is being reported that I'm afraid I've lost track of it all.

But, birds do sometimes fly into windows and then die from their injuries. Which isn't part of what's been going on here. So I wouldn't worry too much about that. And one way you can stop it from happening is to have something on your windows so that they can see it's not "air" but an obstruction.

Hope you don't get any more of them killing themselves like this.

Anonymous said...

Between 2010 December and January 2011 has been occurred all over the world mass deaths of birds, fishes and other animals. Into question is large worldwide mass deaths of animals, and this means that they are not merely natural deaths. My intention is drawing attention to possible explanations for mass deaths of animals.

More info:

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